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A Hug or Something Like It

Need a hug or know someone who does? Send quarantine-friendly hugs while supporting local artists!


Until we're allowed to give real hugs again, I’m working with a team of local artists to create and send out some stand-ins. 24 artists have created original hug-inspired artworks to share some touchless love during this period of physical distancing. One standard Hug Packet is $20 (free shipping) and includes a set of five randomly selected miniature ‘hug’ artworks sized at 2.5x2.5 inches each. You will have the option to include specific artists to include in your packet(s) if you prefer. Purchase Hug Packets to enjoy yourself, or send them to friends and family with a personal note. All Hug Packet proceeds will be split evenly among the participating artists. Purchase Hug Packets here

Participating artists include: Mayya Agapova, Grace Marie DeWitt, Rachel Edelstein (BRICK x BRICK Studio), Melissa Groth, Mike Guy, Michelle Lisa Herman, Angie Meche Kilcullen, Laura King, Josh Kramer, Elise Law (wonder&paper), Christine Vineyard, Katana Lippart, Missy Lovegren, Katie McMurry, Xena Ni, Heidi Nielson (Desert 2 District), The Paper Darlings, Emily T Piper, Kim Sandara, Martina Sestakova, Nemu Takahashi, Katie Tyler, Amy Wike, and Yen Makes Art


Contact with any questions. Thank you for supporting local!

A Hug or Something Like It

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